Message from Chairman

"Delightful task! to rear the tender thought
To teach the young how to shoot
To pour the fresh, instruction o'ver the mind
To breathe the enliv'ning spirit, and to fix
The generous purpose in the glowing heart".

-Thomson, Sp. 1149

Welcome and thank you for your interest in "Jaya Group of Educational Institutions".

For more than three decades, we have stood as an academically rigorous non-sectarian group with a diverse student body. Few settings could offer greater intellectual or cultural resources. Our heritage invites us to take that exploration to an even deeper level.

Our Group is both the intellect and the conscience of our contemporary, cosmopolitan and knowledge-based society. At the heart of the Group lies the intersection of science and technology that enables our students and faculty to explore the synergies between the realms of theory and practice. All of the Group's graduate and undergraduate programs have been extensively internationalized to give students the global competence they need to compete both at home and abroad. The state-of-the-art setting ensures that students have access to all the latest learning tools and enables them to attend classes just around the corner from companies where they find fulfilling and challenging internships, co-op jobs, and careers.

This site introduces you to the many aspects of our Group which I touched upon above.

Again, we welcome you and encourage you to discover your role in the vital mission of the Jaya Group of Institutions.

Prof A. Kanagaraj