About Jaya Group

The Jaya Group of Institutions has been a stable constituent of the higher educational space for a longer period of time, taking care of the intellectual cultivation of young generation who present not only the strengths of tradition but also a hope facing the future.

We transfer knowledge through high quality teaching. Rather than transmitting mere factual knowledge, we encourage our students to reflect, and prepare for leadership and service through an understanding of the community.

We impart skills in a harmonious, pluralistic environment preparing students to meet challenges and embrace opportunities of the increasingly global world.

We have an international outlook. We welcome scholars and students across the globe, and our own alumni can be found all over the world. We proactively promote collaboration with foreign universities, academic bodies and research institutions.

This is truly the exciting time in the future of our group. We are poised to take dramatic steps forward in advancing the quality of education and research that will significantly enhance our reputation and standing among peer institutions, and ensure true recognition for our academic entities and their faculty and students.


The Jaya Group will be a great private entity dedicated to the public good.


To realize a distinctive identity- a national institution rooted in tradition, committed to scientific inquiry, engaged in public sphere, invigorated by cultural pluralism and immersed in research defined as critical reflection oriented to the advancement of knowledge.